Why Greater Depth Equals Greater Results

For years, Radial was the most common type of shockwave therapy, but now Focused is growing in popularity. Increased treatment options, treatment depth, treatment precision, and patient comfort are contributing factors to the switch in perferenfece.

Radial Pressure Wave

  • Superficial 3-4 cm treatment depth
  • Spreads to treat larger areas
  • Slow impulse
  • Low energy density

Most Radial units have gun-like applicator. Within the barrel of the applicator, the projectile is accelerated to a high speed. The kinetic energy created is then transmitted to the skin and pushed outward across the treated area. Radial pressure waves have their greatest energy at its source and weakens the farther it travels. With the vibrating nature of Radial, the extra skin stimulation, and the fact that Radial is delivered over a larger area, it is generally more uncomfortable.

Focused Shockwaves

  • Deep reach up to 12cm dependent on the attachments used
  • Precise energy delivery to the exact area
  • Fast impulse
  • High energy density

Focused shock waves ONLY:

  • Focused shock waves ONLY:
  • Focused shock waves ONLY:

Focused waves are made through a cone of crystals. These cones focus the energy field when an electrical current is applied. The energy causes a pressure wave that can move through the skin without losing power in a concentrated zone. Focused shockwaves are able to penetrate deeper into the tissues and provide off of its power at the designated depth. The site of the applicator on the skin experiences a minimal impact, limiting the damage to surface skin and underlying soft tissues making it safer and more comfortable.