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Erectile Dysfunction


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Erectile Dysfunction

The Faces of ED

Regardless of age, it’s not uncommon for men to experience random episodes of erectile dysfunction (ED). However, ongoing episodes of ED can be frustrating, isolating, cause relationship issues and be a significant warning sign that needs to be medically evaluated.

ED can be caused by many factors.  These can range from:

  • A single stressful event

  • Ongoing stress with work or family

  • Depression and/or anxiety

  • Medical conditions such as; diabetes, high blood pressure,

       high cholesterol

  • Side effects from certain medications

  • Prostate issues

  • Excessive alcohol use, recreational drug use, and smoking

We know first hand how important men’s erections are – we hear it everyday.  Well over 50% of men ages, 40 to 70 suffer with unreliable erections and/or ED.  The leading cause is poor blood flow to the penis, resulting in the inability to achieve an erection or not being able to sustain an erection hard enough for penetration.  Whether your symptoms are subtle or more severe – we can help. 

GAINSWave for ED

GAINSWave therapy uses a safe and effective, evidence-based technology utilizing low intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy that helps promote health and growth to optimize blood flow to the genitalia. This therapy sends acoustic waves into the genitals, and through mild shear stress, triggers a series of biological reactions that result in the repair of existing blood vessels and the creation of new ones, with an outcome of improved blood flow. Better blood flow translates to better erection quality and improved sexual performance.

Peyronies Disease & ED

Peyronies Disease


Peyronie’s Disease (PD) is caused by the development of fibrous scar tissue, known as plaque that forms under the skin of the penis.  Peyronie’s Disease is likely caused by some sort of trauma to the penis shaft, either through vigorous sexual play or through a sports injury or other accident.  PD is a result of a problem in the way the body heals wounds. 

The plaque that develops with PD causes the penis to bend or become indented during erections.  The plaque can usually be felt through the skin, and may also be painful.  Additionally, the plaque can cause the penis to shrink and become shorter.  Many men who develop Peyronie’s Disease suffer in silence.  Depression and stress may develop as well as relationship issues. 

GAINSWave & Peyronies Disease



Additionally,  the GAINSWave protocol directly treats the fibrous scar tissue that causes Peyronies Disease.  Through a series of pulsed acoustic waves, the fibrous plaque that has build up under the skin is treated, eliminating the cause of the curvature and other related symptoms.

This is by far the safest form of PD treatment due to its non-invasive nature and lack of chemicals.  Depending on the severity of your PD, your GAINSWave doctor may recommend a combination of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and GAINSWave.

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