GAINSWave® as an Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Option

Centrally Located in Independence to Serve Cleveland and Akron

What is ?
GAINSWave® offers breakthrough solutions for erectile dysfunction through its premier brand of shockwave therapy.

Treatment is provided via a medical device delivering low intensity, high frequency sound waves to the genital region over a course of 6 to 12 treatments per GAINSWave® protocols. This non-invasive, highly effective, evidence-based therapy provides an increase in blood flow to the region where it is applied, thereby treating the “root cause” of erectile dysfunction.

GAINSWave® benefits include:

  • Non-surgical, non-invasive option to treat erectile issues
  • In office procedure without activity restrictions
  • Well documented studies showing a 75% success rate
  • Little to no side effects
  • Once a week treatment schedule to fit your lifestyle

Your GAINSWave® procedure will be performed in Cleveland Health Group‘s office located in Independence, Ohio.

Only highly-trained medical practitioners offering GAINSWave® protocols can assure this level of shockwave therapy with results you can trust. Cleveland Health Group is proud to be part of the GAINSWave® provider network.

How does it work?

GAINSWave® treatment protocol uses high frequency, low intensity soundwaves to increase blood flow to the penis. When applied to the soft tissue of the male genitals, treatment results in the repair of existing blood vessels, stimulates the growth of new blood vessels and breaks up blood-blocking plaque from existing vessels. Better blood flow to the penis, leads to better quality erections and increased stimulation.

gainswave treatment
  • Onsite medical evaluation and assessment of erectile issues by highly-trained practitioners
  • 6 – 12 sessions, once per week
  • 15-20 minutes per treatment with no downtime, ability to resume daily activities immediately
  • Personalized lifestyle program including supplements and other “tools” to help you optimize your erectile health

Experience Better Erections At Any Age!

The Latest and Greatest Cutting Edge Technology

There are many devices that can deliver shockwave therapy. There are home devices, and you can even find devices on eBay and Alibaba. They just don’t put out enough energy. At Cleveland Health group we use Karl Storz Duolith to deliver focused shockwave therapy. Why focused vs Radial Shockwaves, in short, focused shockwaves emit pulsed Acoustic Energy waves. Focused shockwaves penetrate deeper with a higher energy and accuracy.

  • Treatment Depth of up to 12 cm
  • Higher energy depth
  • Precise energy delivery to the exact area
  • Stimulation of growth factors
  • Cavitation release of nitic oxide
  • Optimal Tissue regeneration
  • Shorter Treatment times
  • No Pain

What Does GAINSWave Cost?

6 Treatments $3000 $1500
12 Treatments $5000 $2500