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Goal: Optimal Sexual Health

In today’s world, with health-conscious trends and goals of peak performance on everyone’s mind – the bar is set high for both general health and sexual wellness. Men of all ages are in search of an edge to better performance both in and out of the bedroom. Strong erections, longer endurance and enhanced sexual pleasure with partners are at the top of their “wish list”.

Often referred to as Male Sexual Enhancement, the desire to get an edge on better erections has men of all ages turning to pills, pumps and/or injections. Although some remedies may work short term, it’s the long game most have in mind.

If your goal is to improve erection quality and increase blood flow for the long-term – GAINSWave treatment protocol is the answer to optimal sexual health and performance hands down.

GAINSWave Performance Improvement Program

Get Started NOW!

First you’ll meet with our staff physician for a medical evaluation and assessment. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss your intentions, concerns and questions regarding the treatment.

During the evaluation, the physician will determine how many treatments will be necessary to meet your goals (typically 6-12 treatments).

Then you’re ready to go, you can even have your first treatment that day.

Your Performance treatment will be performed by the Cleveland Health Group's team in Cleveland.

How GAINSWave Can Help
Improve Sexual Performance

GAINSWave uses high frequency, low-intensity soundwaves to increase blood flow to the penis, which in turn breaks up blood-blocking plaque in the blood vessels while stimulating the growth of new blood vessels. While this treatment is often utilized for erectile dysfunction, it is also beneficial for men without a medical conditions who want to maximize sexual enhancement.

Performance benefits include:

  • decreased recovery time between orgasms
  • better erection quality
  • stronger erections
  • increased stamina
  • enhanced sensitivity
  • increased confidence

If a more fulfilling sex life and peak sexual performance is what you are looking for, get on the GAINSWave Performance Improvement Program today!